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• What makes Extex special?
It’s the combination of outstanding performance, luxurious feel and fabulous colours. Easily mistaken for (and often used as) a sumptuous indoor fabric, Extex is beloved by its users for its easy-care characteristics. It is stain resistant, water repellent, light fast, pre-shrunk and machine washable – it can be used in ANY WEATHER and ANY WHERE!
• Where can I get samples from?
Call us at Marina Mill on +44(0)1634 718871 or email info@extex.co.uk or contact your nearest distributor.
• From where can I buy Extex?
Extex is available to buy direct from us at the mill or from a few carefully selected distributors around the world.
• How much is kept in stock?
We hold between 50 and 300 metres of each colour at one time. Give us a call to check availability as required.
• How much does it cost?
Contact us at Marina Mill: info@extex.co.uk or your nearest distributor, who will be happy to provide current price lists.
• Who can do the make-up of my Extex cushions?
We can! From scatter cushions in a neighbour’s holiday home...to all exterior fitted seating areas on your superyacht. Marina Mill can organise the make-up for any size of project - we have a team of very experienced upholsterers and fitters at your disposal.
• Can I use Extex indoors?
Of course! You can use it anywhere. Often mistaken for a sumptuous interior fabric, Extex has even been made into quilted bedspreads for the cabins of many luxury superyachts!
• Any new Extex fabrics coming soon?
Yes, we are constantly working on new ideas; more plains, prints and patterns will be available soon - keep an eye on this site for regular updates.
• Will the colour fade in the sun?
Extex has passed the British Standard test for light fastness achieving excellent fade-resistant grades. However, all fabrics will fade a little eventually, the degree of which is dependent on time, severity of sunlight exposure, atmospheric conditions and chemical exposure, etc.
• Has Extex won any industry awards?
Yes. Extex has won a BCFA Product Approval Award. Awarded by the British Contract Furnishing Association to an outstanding textile product, it rewards excellence in design practise and product performance within the contract interiors industry.
• Is Extex machine-washable?
Yes it is, but please be careful not to over-heat the fabric. We recommend that you use a mild natural detergent at a maximum of 40°C.
• Is Extex waterproof?
No. Extex is porous, not waterproof. It was specifically designed to allow moisture to evaporate quickly through. When the cloth is sewn, the puncture holes created by the needle become channels through which water gets into the cushion. This water needs a means of escape to allow the cushion to dry out, hence the porosity of the fabric. In addition, it is this porosity that allows the fabric to be breathable, which makes sitting around on a hot and humid day all the more comfortable!
• How does the ‘Stain-Resist’ work?
The Stain-Resist treatment is applied to the cloth at the mill and works like a protective shield. It forms an invisible molecular barrier around the individual fibres of the fabric, so water and oil-based spills are repelled on contact. A light shower or a drop of wine will not soak into the cloth; instead they will bead up on the surface and roll off. It also allows any dry soil to be brushed off easily.
• Is the ‘Stain-Resist’ permanent?
Camber and Solar have a permanent stain-resist coating. The stain-resist coating on all other collections should last for many seasons with careful upkeep, but over time and repeated washings, its effectiveness will gradually reduce. A low temperature tumble dry will re-activate the stain-resist after washing.
• Will Extex go mouldy?
Not if you look after it properly! Mildew will not grow on synthetic yarns, but it will grow on dirt that has not been properly removed from the fabric. Dealing with all soil or stains promptly will ensure their removal and avoid the likelihood of mildew growth.
• Does Extex shrink or stretch after washing?
No, as long as it’s washed in cool water, maximum 40°C. With regard to stretching, the nature of any woven fabrics is that the weave construction slightly loosens over time with regular usage, which makes the fabric a bit softer or ‘looser’. Most upholsterers are aware of this though and consequently they make the covers a little tight. After some usage, the covers should therefore fit perfectly.
• Can I leave my Extex cushions outside?
Yes, of course. But, if you do, they will need to be washed more frequently to keep them looking fabulous! If possible, we suggest you store them inside or cover them up, to avoid the need for intensive cleaning.
Please give us a call on +44 (0)1634 718871 or email us info@extex.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.