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Combining creativity and innovation to produce luxury outdoor furniture fabrics
Made in Britain, to the highest performance standards.


A Country Manor

Even the most traditional of country homes still needs a high performance luxury outdoor fabric, capable of withstanding spillages of tea and wine, let alone being able to brush off the latest summer shower! Our luxury outdoor furniture fabrics are the perfect choice for seat cushions for tub chairs and lounging sofas, outdoor wicker dining chairs or even swing chairs hidden in the woods. Our extensive range means there is always a complementary shade or pattern to provide that accent colour to enhance even the most daring of schemes. From breakfast on the patio, to afternoon tea in a secret hideaway, we can ensure you and your guests will always be delighted with the softness and reliability of Extex.


All Aboard

Every aspect of a Superyacht is designed in meticulous detail with performance in the forefront of the mind, with special consideration given to the choice of fabrics used outside where chlorine, sea water and the harsh rays from the sun can wreak havoc. As a luxury outdoor fabric manufacturer, Extex has designed a range of acrylic fabrics suitable for all weather marine upholstery. From yacht designers with even the most discerning clients, to owners who know exactly what they want, our extensive collection of luxury outdoor furniture fabrics ensures all tastes, styles and colour schemes are catered for.

Should you desire something just a shade different we are always happy to discuss a custom colour to complement your scheme. Rest assured also, that should you wish to replace any outdoor cushions in the future, we will try our best to match your fabric using the extensive records that we keep at the mill.


Image credits: 1. Sorgiovanni Designs, 2. Robert Gleed, 3. Winfried Heinze, 4. Sorgiovanni Designs.


Luxury Villa

Beautiful villas deserve beautiful fabrics. If your style is more clean and contemporary and you wish it to stay that way, then Extex has a variety of neutrals to choose from, all of which are designed to repel chlorine from your pool, sun lotion and the odd wine spillage. With our stain resistant coating which makes our luxury outdoor fabrics water repellent, you can relax in the knowledge that your poolside sun loungers will look as good tomorrow as they do today. Extex is a luxury performance fabric perfect for your outdoor cushion covers and sofas.


Urban Oasis

Chic, yet comfortable. Your garden oasis needn’t be an afterthought in your city home. With the boundaries between indoor and outdoor entertaining blurring, social areas separated only by bespoke sliding doors, it’s no surprise you’ll want your decking to be an extension of your living or dining area.

With the majority of our luxury outdoor fabrics being woven with chenille, they are surprisingly sumptuous to the touch and with our vast colour range they look and feel as good indoors as they do out. The Extex collection is designed to mix and match from each range, and whether you fancy a soft pastel palette or vibrant purples and greens, our water repellent, outdoor furniture fabric will see you through from soirees in spring to the last summer barbecue.